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Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair 2020

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

The Woolwich is the UK’s largest contemporary Print Fair showcasing the best in current international printmaking. A panel of industry experts select from an open submission prioritising only work of the highest calibre and innovation in original contemporary print. This year 257 independent artists are showing alongside specialist galleries such as @eamesfineart, @rableygallery and @jealous_london representing some of the most prominent artist printmakers and dealers from across the UK and beyond.

The venue is one of London’s latest landmark creative destinations: Royal Arsenal, Woolwich. This old factory building has been redeveloped into an airy and expansive exhibition space of character. The site allows room for the work to breathe and visitors to view in comfort as well as space for sizeable installations, print demonstrations, and separate rooms for talks and presentations.

I visited for the first time in 2018 and was so impressed that I submitted work the following year and was honoured to be selected to exhibit three of my large A0 wind prints – Wind Dance I, IV and V. I stayed two days so that I could really take my time and it was completely worth it. I met lots of other artists and gallerists plus Jack Bullen and Lizzie Glendenning, founders and curators of the Fair, who were incredibly friendly and helpful. I attended presentations and demonstrations, talked to @pressingmattersmag founder John Coe and Rollaco Presses creator John Pears, viewed the amazing work at length and enjoyed the tea and cake cafe in the corner.

This year I have been fortunate enough to have four works selected allowing me to show two of my signature wind screen prints – Storm Eleanor(shadow black) and Storm Hannah (white) …..

..... as well as two of my new works – Elemental I and III…..

These latter two pieces explore new techniques for bringing some different natural elements and processes to the table. As with all my work the marks are made entirely by nature, in this case prioritising those made by the rain. The wind marks, although present, are secondary.

It is the juxtaposition of these linear wind marks and the subtle rain patterns and their interplay of constant flux which has intrigued me through lockdown. It may feel as if our world has come to a halt as we have retreated into the safety of our homes but the truth is far from it. The natural world is ever evolving and our human world is no different. Even though something is as invisible as air or transparent as water, it can still have the same awesome power of nature to transform our world and our existence. Working with these elemental energies is both reassuring and humbling, a reminder of the normalcy of transience and the unrealism of permanence.


The 5th edition of the Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair takes place at Building 41, No. 1 Street, Royal Arsenal Riverside, Woolwich, SE18 6ST, from 12-15 November 2020

Wednesday 11 November Press Preview:


Thursday 12 November 11.00-17.00

Friday 13 November


New Collectors Evening 18.00-22.00

Saturday 14 November 11.00-18.00

Sunday 15 November 11.00-18.00


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