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Exhibition ‘elements: air water’ – Gallery 57, Arundel

Updated: May 16, 2020

29 February – 31 July 2020

Now an online exhibition, ‘elements: air water’ began life in Gallery 57’s beautifully welcoming, calm and light space designed so that visitors can imagine what the work might look like in their own home. The gallery is part of a Grade 2 listed, Georgian house in Tarrant Street, Arundel, where owner and practicing artist Ann Symes lives. Ann, who is renowned for her thoughtful and sensitive curation, brings together contemporary art and craft in themed exhibitions, selecting work so that it relates and sits well together. The results are remarkable, creating serene and contemplative experiences for the viewer whilst showing each artist’s work at its best in its own right and through juxtaposition with other pieces that share mutually sympathetic elements. Speaking just after completing the hang Ann said …

“I’m delighted with how all the work connects with echoes of marks, texture, form and colour. It’s going to be a strong exhibition with some stunning work.”
Ann Symes – Curator, Gallery 57

My new ‘Storm Hannah’ screen print was created especially for this exhibition. Available in white or grey iterations, Ann selected the beautifully pared back white version for her show. The work balances the ephemeral expressions of the wind’s energy with a large area of negative space allowing the intricate marks to breathe. The work is hung adjacent to a beautiful, reductive cloud drawing by Helen Jones.

“Julie’s process of working with elemental forces, primarily the wind, means that she is sometimes out in gale force winds for long periods of time while she facilitates nature’s creativity. This piece is a lovely original screen print showing Storm Hannah in action creating layer upon layer of delicate marks.”
Ann Symes - Curator, Gallery 57

I was delighted to be able to attend the preview evening on 28 February and enjoy meeting some of the other artists and collectors. These two drawings sold before the show officially opened, one that night and one in the run up. Both are incredibly delicate, being drawn on days where the wind was barely making its presence known.

“Another sale ahead of the opening of ‘elements: air water’ is for Julie Leach, one of her delicate but energetic wind drawings. In Julie’s work nature is the artist. She relinquishes control, hands it over to the elements and observes. This idea is contrary to Western practice and it is refreshing to experience the beauty of natural creativity. I’m pleased to be showing both delicate and powerful examples, results of either gentle or storm force winds, in this exhibition.”
Ann Symes – Curator, Gallery 57

It was lovely to see the contrast between these more ephemeral works and those below which make stronger expressions, partly because they are printed on a hand pulled, deep Paynes Grey background and partly because of the force of the marks which, in the case of these prints, were made at over 45 mph.

“Storm Ophelia makes a stunning statement in the gallery paired with Wind Dance V.”
Ann Symes – Curator, Gallery 57

To have such a range of work on display in one exhibition is a privilege. This fact, plus showing work alongside the amazing artists exhibiting in ‘elements: air water’ and being allowed to step into the whole wonderful world that is Gallery 57, has made this particular exhibition very special for me.

Gallery 57 understands that there is no real substitute for actually being in the presence of artworks to be able to fully engage with them but when that isn’t possible they are happy to supply detailed photographs to enable you to appreciate an artwork as much as possible. The work can be seen through the gallery windows or can be visited in person by appointment. The gallery are experienced in shipping artworks worldwide so please take a look at their website to see all the fabulous works in the current exhibition. All sizes and prices are displayed. Please spend time browsing and get in touch with Ann Symes with any enquiries.

Gallery 57

57 Tarrant Street


West Sussex

BN18 9DJ

01903 885323

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